Clarity for Let’s Players is a great thing, bravo Supergiant Games

Supergiant Games just announced one of the clearest policies I’ve read on a developer’s stance for Let’s Players in a long time.

The reasoning behind its statement is not only proactive on their part, it’s also dead simple: “We often get emails from video content creators asking our permission to create and monetize videos about Bastion,” wrote the developer. “We wanted to come up with a clear stance on this to save everyone the trouble of ever having to ask us about it again.”


“You’re welcome to create Let’s Play-style videos of our games and monetize them if you want” – SG Games

I’ve heard many streamers and Let’s Players complain about receiving emails from publishers after they’ve started broadcasting. The publishers cite vague guidelines and reasons for them to cease and desist. Even when streamers reach out to the copyright holders before they start their play-throughs, I’ve hear that the responses they get can be even less clear.

Supergiant Games goes into a bit of detail (they request that streamers include store front links and accreditation), and a brief legal disclaimer in its post (“Please note we reserve the right to update this policy without notice or liability”), but even so, its message is as clear as can be right in the second paragraph.

“You’re welcome to create Let’s Play-style videos of our games and monetize them if you want.”

That’s awesome. And while it might not be a viable stance for every publisher, I’m sure there are many who would appreciate Supergiant’s clarity from other rights-holders in the industry.

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Along side the Let’s Play statement, in a separate post, Supergiant Games Writer and Designer, Greg Kasavin also announced a Bastion anniversary live stream coming up this Saturday on their Twitch channel at 10am Pacific.

“During the event, Amir [Rao] and I will be playing through Bastion live from Supergiant’s HQ while providing the weirdest, most interesting developer commentary we can think of,” writes Kasavin. “We’ll be reminiscing about the making of the game and the choices we made along the way, and no doubt be spilling lots of never-before-heard trivia and incredible useless facts!”

Be sure to tune in if, like me, some of the most fun you’ve had in recent years was spinning around Bastion’s gorgeous environments, waiting to hear what the narrator would say next.


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