Summer 2014 anime preview: Jinsei

JinseiDespite its fronts, Jinsei has little to do with a life advice column in a high school student newspaper, and more to do with the stupid antics of those trying to give advice.

Yuuki Akamatsu’s editor gives him the task of wrangling sensible suggestions out of the students she’s brought in to help with his column: the student representatives for science, humanities and physical education. 

The three reps each have an eccentric and different personality that colours their logic beyond the scope of a normal high school student’s. The advice they give usually disregards the letters sent in to the paper and stems from the flawed solutions they devise for their own problems.

The scenarios presented in Jinsei  are supposed to be funny, but I suspect their humour will be lost on most people. Holding a random water balloon fight in to decide which club one of their readers should join made more sense as an excuse to insert some wet t-shirt fan service than as a decision making option for the motley columnist.

This incongruous structure does present an opportunity to get to know the show’s characters, but with characters just disjointed enough to be annoying, yet not off-kilter enough to be interesting, Jinsei’s opportunity is far from a golden one.

Rating: 1/5

Jinsei currently has no announced western simulcast.

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