Summer 2014 anime preview: Tokyo ESP

Tokyo ESPTokyo ESP drops rights into the late stages of a tense plot with terrorist espers rebelling against the Japanese government, and its unorthodox introduction works in its favour to set up what should be an interesting cour of anime.

Putting aside the appreciated character cameos from Ga-Rei Zero (as the two shows are set in the same universe), Tokyo ESP introduces a cast of super powered humans. Some of them are good, and some of them have evil motivations after being subjugated by legislation against espers. 

The premier doesn’t make all its details clear, but that’s a good thing. Instead, it piles on the action as municipal enforcers mount a futile fight against terrorists who’re levitating the entire legislature building above the city, taking the national diet hostage in the process.

Between a badass akimbo katana wielder who teleports, a telekinetic smoker in a suit and the rest of his henchmen, even military helicopters melt before the bad guys. The episode leaves you wanting to know what could have incensed these antagonist so, and for the good guys, the heroin remains MIA until just before the credits roll.

Tokyo ESP’s setup is simple, and even if its exposition is scant, it teases with enough style and superior animation to make it worth paying attention to this season.

Rating: 4/5

Tokyo ESP is currently streaming on Funimation in the West and on Crunchyroll outside of North America.

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