Edmonton Brothers’ Home-Brew Mead Hobby Feature for the Nook

Kade and Levi Bilton Mead Feature Photos (4 of 14)

I’m contributing to a small pilot website featuring hobbies that Edmontonians practice. This week, the Nook published my long read about two brothers brewing mead in their kitchen.

When university students Levi and Kade Bilton felt the woes of summer boredom creeping up on them, they decided to look beyond the liquor store to get a buzz.

Levi, 25, and Kade, 20, grew up in Innisfail, Alta. before moving to Edmonton for school. Now Levi studies law at the University of Alberta while his little brother Kade studies engineering on the same campus.

Even though school is back in session for the men, the hobby that hooked them in the summer is still keeping them busy through the winter: Home-brew mead. Read more

Watching the science-minded brothers as they worked was a really fun experience for me and the team. It was so compelling that home-brewing my own mead has now been added to my bucket list.


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