Polygon Editorial Internship Clips

Polygon Editorial Intern

I’ve indexed several clips so you can more easily get a feel for my relevant writing experience. However, you can find a full list of my recently published work under my clips tag.

Video Games

I wrote these two stories from press releases after emailing Michael McWhertor about a potential Polygon internship listing a few years ago:
Overwatch’s D.Va joining Heroes of the Storm roster
Runescape kicks off new expansion schedule with ‘Menaphos: The Golden City’

Here are some other stories about gaming:
Video Games Live symphony concert preview for Vue Weekly
Gjallarhorn left behind in Destiny: The Taken King? Maybe not
Nippon Ichi Software Hero Must Die remake announcement for ANN
Shenmue III Kickstarter record report for ANN
Monster Hunter X New Nintendo 3DS LL and weapon intro videos report for ANN
Fragapalooza LAN gaming festival preview for Leduc Rep
Professor gamifying her classroom for The Griff
‘Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies’ review for The Griff
Kumobius Games’ ‘Duet’ column for The Griff
PAX game composers panel report for The Griff

Clips From Prior Internships

Here are two additional indexes of my work from my most recent internships:
Leduc Rep index (Here’s a short exit column summarizing my work at the newspaper.)
Anime News Network index


In addition to the clips from my ANN internship and the anime content you’ll find on my blog, here are some of my externally published articles from the beat:
‘Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid’ series review for Enthuse.ca
List of 4 great winter 2017 Crunchyroll streaming anime for Enthuse.ca
Makoto Shinkai’s ‘Your Name’ animated film review for Enthuse.ca

Culture and Communities

I love reporting on popular and diverse communities and the way their members express their experiences through arts and culture:
‘Models of Diversity’ Western Canada Fashion Week preview for Vue Weekly
Monster Pro Wrestling profile for Vue Weekly
‘Skin Glowing in the Moonlight’ art exhibition preview for Vue Weekly

Longform Storytelling

In-depth reported stories are the ones that affect me the most. Here are some of my initial stabs at longer narrative structures:
‘Veteran Griffins Set Statistical Bar’ feature for The Griff
‘Chasing the Kind Rhythm’ feature for The Scavenger
‘Needles Twirling’ Edmonton knitting circle feature for The Nook

Other Criticism

Harman Quintet swings John L. Haar Theatre in MacEwan Music grad recital
‘Footloose’ review: A triumphant farewell at The John L. Haar Theatre
‘Peter Fechter: 59 Minutes’ theatre review for Vue Weekly