‘Crash Pad’ art exhibition preview for Vue Weekly


I covered Crash Pad, an engaging exhibition from Albertan artist Cindy Baker, for Vue Weekly a few weeks ago.

Edmonton artist Cindy Baker’s latest exhibition explores the fat female body through inviting blue watercolour prints and evocative, yet relaxing, performance art.

Crash Pad was first shown at the Tangled Art Gallery in Toronto last December, and it features images of diverse women at home, lounging in varying states of undress as they prepare to begin or end their days.

Baker chose Somerset paper for these prints to preserve the feel of the original watercolour paper, and within each image she presents a soft feeling of domesticity. Laundry baskets, wheelchairs, canes, furniture, indoor plants,  dogs, and cats all fill the frames in service of this goal. Read more

The exhibition runs until June 16 at the dc3 Art Projects gallery, with live performances held on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Jude Griebel’s ‘Crafting Ruin’ Art Exhibition Preview for Vue Weekly

Jude Griebel - sculptures

Here’s my first big local break. I wrote the cover story for Vue Weekly this week about a sculpture exhibition by prairie-bred artist Jude Griebel.

After installing exhibitions around the world, Jude Griebel returns to Edmonton this week for his first solo exhibit at the dc3 Art Projects gallery.

With seven-foot resin figures and bone sculptures the size of a human head, the Alberta-bred artist’s 12-sculpture installation, Crafting Ruin, tackles modern environmental issues like consumption and wastefulness. Read more

His exhibition opens today at dc3 Art Projects, and it’s filled with provocative figures that make us think about our place in the environment. I had a lot of fun writing this preview, and I’m glad I could share some of Griebel’s perspective with a wider audience.