I’ve always hated long vacations: Rest in peace Ryan Davis

Doing part time work has never been a major concern for me, so I’ve often struggled with the luxury of zero responsibilities.

When I’m forced to work myself to the bone from 7am to midnight every day, I flourish. But give me the opportunity to regularly sleep past 9am, and I slowly tangle myself into a self-loathing mess of poor productivity.

I’m like a slinky climbing down the stairs: When there are evenly spaced steps in front of me, I can tackle them with ease. Hell – even if a couple of those steps are a little weathered or poorly constructed, I usually find a way to adjust. I expand and contract as necessary to keep progressing.

The Slinky: a not so fun metaphor

However, when there are no steps present at all, things never go smoothly. Ever tried dropping a slinky from a window a couple of stories high? The coils twist in and out of their original shape, tangling along the way until it finally hits the ground in a convoluted heap that’s barely salvageable.

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