Looking forward to the social features of the next generation consoles

Some more news about the Xbox 360’s successor was reported by Polygon today, and word of its social and sharing features has me giddy for both next generation consoles likely coming this fall.

I am an extremely social gamer. Although I did once sink around 13 hours into Assassin’s Creed Project Legacy, a Facebook companion game for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, I’m not talking about the genre of software we’ve come to brand as “social games.”

I’m talking about any type of video game. When I’m done playing a single player experience, I itch to talk about it with my friends to get their take. If a game I’m interested in has got a significant multiplayer component, you can bet that I’m going to try to round-up the gang before I dive in.

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No, ordering my Pizza Hut with a Kinnect is not a ‘logical progression’ Major Nelson

When I’m sitting on a couch with some friends watching movies, playing games, discussing the finer points of a hockey game, and I want to order pizza, I whip out my laptop or phone.

Yet Polygon is reporting that Pizza Hut and Microsoft are patterning together to “allow users to order from the chain’s menu directly through their Xbox 360.”

I get that, as of February 2013, Microsoft has now sold over 24 million Kinect sensors, and it might seem like a no-brainer for them to try and give the other 50-or-so million Xbox 360 owners a reason to pony up the cash for the 3D-camera peripheral, but trying to convince consumers that ordering pizza with one will be easier, is not the way to go. Continue reading