PAX Prime 2014: Crushing arcade aliens in Woah Dave!

WoahDaveOn the floor of the Indie Mega Booth at PAX Prime this year, MiniVisions had two physical arcade cabinets rigged to run Woah Dave!. They didn’t ask me to plug in quarters to extend my play session, but damn, they certainly asked for some arcade know-how.

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PAX 2013: Titanfall preview

TF_AngelCity_PilotTitanfall did not live up to my expectations. It’s looks great, and it’s fluid movement mechanics certainly offer something non-standard to the first person shooter space, but I didn’t find it different enough to make me take-note of if over other next-generation shooters.

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Wow, I just had my first persistent, co-op online-matchmaking experience since ’09

Online matchmaking never crossed my mind when it came to Borderlands.

That might sound strange given that the game is undisputedly at its best when played with a group of people, but I had a set circle of friends who played the 2009 surprise-hit to death. By my last count, together we finished it nearly a dozen times. But this week, I gravitated towards the in-game matchmaking queue of the 2012 sequel for the first time, and I struck gold.

After 10 months of my friend’s excuses, religious sign-ons in which I’d stockpile Gearbox Golden Keys out of frustration, and my immediate downloads of the latest DLC the moment each tidbit launched, I finally grew tired of waiting for my “set circle” to play Borderlands 2.


Lucky for me, I found a perfect match with a group of likeminded strangers on Xbox Live, and 26 hours later, I can’t imagine playing the game with anyone else.

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