EA Sports’ NHL 14 feature list includes drastic changes for veteran hockey gamers

EA announced the next instalment to one of their annual sport-sim franchises on Friday, NHL 14, and the iterations that it’s expected to include are a big deal.

Along with a new screenshot (that looks exactly like every other NHL screenshot released in the last 16 months), EA also recounted the “innovation” they’ve infused into hockey games throughout the years. Then, on Monday they revealed some of the new features we can expect to see on September 10, when NHL 14 is expected to hit North American stores.

Dione Phaneuf delivers a hit to Thomas Plekanec
in this new NHL 14 screenshot

As a gigantic hockey fan, and as a gamer who has put over 4,000 cumulative hours into the popular line of hockey games throughout my life, every minute change that’s made to the core gameplay experience usually means that I’ll have to make some alterations to the way I compete on the digital ice.

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