Shapeshifting racoons and their unique encounters make The Eccentric Family a Summer standout

There are five racoons in this shot. Believe it.

The Eccentric Family is a show that I can recommend to anyone at this point in the season. Whether you’re a harsh anime critic, or you’re a Western-culture centred person looking for a step out of your comfort zone, it’s sure to engage you with its unique appeal.

Great comedy-dramas are works that really get me going. There’s always something there to make you chuckle and keep you hooked, but in each joke there’s an iota of character development that – over time – weaves a slightly bitter narrative that becomes more powerful as your investment in the happenings increases.

The Eccentric Family looks like it’s going to be a great comedy-drama that oozes originality, and that’s what has me jazzed.

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