My bad Riot, you can tell a story if you try

As if they were just waiting for me to publish that last post, so they could slap me across their face with a rebuttal, Riot Games just updated their game client to prominently display an interactive comic, heralding the release of the new Ultimate Skin, Spirit Guard Udyr.

The fully voiced comic’s animation is pretty stunning, and its accompanying soundscape provides a degree of immersion to Udyr’s story that’s unprecedented outside of the couple of one-off CGI trailers that Riot has released over the last few years. The invitation presented underneath the title image is wholly accurate; this is not a short comic you’re going to read – it is a comic to be experienced.

Spirit Guard Udyr comi

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League of Legends to get its first black champion? No biggie

Riot Games recently announced Lucian, a new champion for League of Legends, and his concept art confirms rumours that have been hanging around the game’s community for months: Runeterra’s first black champion is finally making an appearance.

Lucian looks like he’s going to be an evil-pursuing, relentless, vengeance-driven maniac, who happens to be black, and I could not care less about the reason for his pursuit, or his ethnicity in a game like League of Legends.

Lucian the Purifier

Oh Lucian is black? Cool. Now, look at the size of those guns!

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