2013 Fringe Festival review schedule

Here’s a schedule of every show that I’ll be seeing at the Fringe this year. I intend to review each one within a day of viewing. I will be adding more shows as the festival progresses, so check back frequently and shoot me an email if you want me to review a specific show. I’ll link to each review from this page.

– – – – – – – –

Sunday, August 18

Limbo [Review]
What Gives? [Review]
Innocent When You Dream [Review]

Monday, August 19

Freud’s Last Session [Review]
The Rambler
CIRCLE [Review]
Can’t Contain My Dance [Review]

Tuesday, August 20

Grim and Fischer [Review]
Brains The Zombie Musical [Review]
Forget me Not [Review]
2 Across [Review]
Bad Guys Finish First [Review]

Wednesday, August 21

Mexican Blindness [Review]

Thursday, August 22

Matthew Harvey is…Dangerman! [Review]
Play Actually – a non rom com [Meh]
Fracture [This was the best contemporary dance show I’ve ever seen]

Friday, August 23

Bursting into flames [This and The Pit were phenomenal]
Little Shop of Horrors [My second favourite musical, executed to near perfection]
The Pit [Very profound examination of relationships, loved it]
An Apocalypse Survival Guide: Undead or Alive [This is a Fringe show done right, great fun]
Tom Form and the Speed of Love [A great noir story, taken to the stage]

Saturday, August 24

Off Book the Musical [Good musical improv]
Hot Thespian Action [Moderately funny, but not spectacular]
Rocket Sugar Factory [Best improv show I’ve seen this year]
Zero Tolerance: Sex, Math and Seizures [Uncomfortable examination of a real epileptic family]
Confessions of a Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl [Honest, good story of a college girl’s growth]
The Late Night Cabaret [A staple of the Edmonton Fringe that’s here to stay]

Sunday, August 25

Collision [Another great comtemporary dance show]
Ask Joy [Fantastic singers with little story]

– – – – – – – –

Each review is going to be a short burner, designed to let you know whether the shows worth seeing and why. If you see me in line for a show or working a box office, be sure to say hello and I’ll give you my first hand impressions.


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