Fringe 2013: Bad Guys Finish First review

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a show where the actor openly admits that they’re the most important person in the room. It’s a fun vibe to sit through, and the condescending-to-funny ratio sits pretty comfortably in Bad Guys Finish First.

The British Gavin Williams takes to the stage and plays the role of an asshole, Baxter Bentley, who holds the keys to success, but during his amusing efforts to impart his secrets upon the audience he slips between some quick-witted improv with the crowd and some personal stories his character probably didn’t want to tell.

It can be fun to think about how acting a little more selfish in life might help you get ahead, and Williams directs a mock self-help seminar that has a good variety of both scripted story points and smart jabs at the audience.

Williams played his role so well that I would have been fine with actually attending his full seminar and calling it a good night out, but I didn’t mind when he returned to Baxter’s origin story.

Bad Guys Finish First is a show that’s worth a few laughs, and while it’s unlikely to move you to tears of sadness or hilarity, there’s something to be said for man who can talk down to his audience for an hour and still send them home satisfied.


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