Edmonton International Fringe Festival 2017: My Reviews Are In

20840841_10155568418183334_2190212906951960103_nTo Be Moved/Blarney Productions

I reviewed 15 shows at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival for Vue Weekly‘s EdmontonFringe.ca this weekend. Here they all are in one place, ordered from fav to least.

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Fringe 2013: Matthew Harvey is…Dangerman!

Matthew Harvey drops a truthbomb in his stand up poetry set, Matthew Harvey is…Dangerman!, “saying, ‘I don’t like poetry’ is like saying ‘I don’t like music,’” and he’s right.

Both mediums encompass a wide rage of styles and emotions. It would be unfair to denounce all of them in a blanket statement. And while Harvey put on a good show, the style of poetry that he was throwing down wasn’t something I was interested in picking up.

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Fringe 2013: Mexican Blindness review

In his first return to the Fringe in eight years, Paul Matwychuk presents an autobiographical monologue filled with absurd content that contrast with his average-everyday-guy persona in a riotous, but pensive way. Mexican Blindness is a great trip.

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Fringe 2013: Bad Guys Finish First review

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a show where the actor openly admits that they’re the most important person in the room. It’s a fun vibe to sit through, and the condescending-to-funny ratio sits pretty comfortably in Bad Guys Finish First.

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Fringe 2013: 2 Across review

The Leduc Drama Society’s production of 2 Across is a humble and believable romantic comedy that feels like an experience thousands of people have every day.

Two people that wouldn’t typically enter conversation with each other are on their way back from an airport in San Francisco riding in an empty train car, and the only thread tying them together is their New York Times crossword. It’s a simple scenario that feels grounded in reality, but strong writing and an admiral performance by actors Marlene Schoonmaker and Peter Dickhout breath life into a world that could easily have turned out mundane.

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Fringe 2013: Forget Me Not review

Who’s never had the urge to find out how an alzheimer afflicted patient solves a murder-mystery? That’s the foundation that Forget Me Not builds its narrative upon, and it’s a stupendously hilarious one-man performance that might leave you looking forward to the latest stages in your life – so much fun is it to watch a retired detective weave his way through the facts in front of him, and his own shoddy memory.

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Fringe 2013: Grim and Fischer review

Photo by James Douglas,Photo by James Douglas

The Wonderheads are back at the Edmonton fringe with Grim and Fischer, and while their most recent effort didn’t tickle my heart-strings as strongly as their previous works, they’re unique combo of full face-masks and physical theatre are still a family-friendly joy to take in.

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Fringe 2013: Can’t Contain My Dance review

Can’t Contain My Dance is a great contemporary-dance show themed around “the many hats that women wear in life.” I just wish the dancers’ statement of intent wasn’t carelessly thrown at the audience in the form of a video that served as more of a sleazy dance-studio ad than a necessary aid to my enjoyment of their art.

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Fringe 2013: CIRCLE review

From the moment that a BDSM discount coupon slipped out of my program as I walked into the venue, I knew I was probably in for one of the most sexy shows at this years’ Fringe. I just wasn’t aware that I was about to see one of the best sexy shows I’ve seen at the festival in all my years.

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Fringe 2013: The Rambler review

Country music and the culture that goes with it is something that doesn’t jive with everyone, but despite being staged in a sweltering bar with shitty sight-lines, The Rambler is a show worth seeing that explores where homosexuality fits into the motto “true country.”

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