Harman Quintet Swings John L. Haar Theatre in MacEwan Music Grad Recital

Leah Harman MacEwan University Senior Graduation Recital

Image design by Raine Radtke

I’ve never seen a bad senior graduation recital out of MacEwan University’s music program, but none has ever hit me quite like Leah Harman’s.

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Folk Fest 2013 concert review: Leslie Feist

Feist is a performer that’s renowned for visual flare in her live performances as well as her musical prowess. Her closing set on Thursday night of this year’s Edmonton Folk Music Festival did not fail to live up to that legacy, and despite a few horrid moments roused by the audience members that joined her on stage, she put on a show that I’m convinced I couldn’t see anywhere else.

Feist didn’t perform her songs straight off of her record. Instead she sang variations of her tracks. This is a practice I wish artist would adopt more frequently. Asking your audience to join in with the chorus once in a while in fine, but talent really shines when you can manipulate your studio tracks into something different, but equally great.

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