Fringe 2013: Freud’s Last Session review

A philosopher and an author walk into a study… 

It sounds like the beginning of a nerdy graduate student’s joke, but rather than the first part of a cheesy one-liner, it’s the simple premise behind the great two-man-onslaught that is Freud’s Last Session.

Freud invites C. S. Lewis over to his home outside London to start the show. It’s the beginning of the German bombings during the second World War – the warning sirens are literally sounding outside during points of the show – but these two men have much more pressing matters to address.

From pointed snipes at each others religious beliefs, to personal attacks on their treasured academic works, a synergetic duo of seasoned Edmonton actors engage in thoughtful discourse for 75 minutes of seamless presentation.

You don’t need to be flaming intellectual to enjoy the show

The only thing I like more than playful banter between two friends, is playful banter between those who can’t stand each other. There’s harmless ribbing, and then there’s verbal jousting that I’ve seen shared between people much smarter, and mentally agile than me – people with deeply rooted philosophical bones to pick.

That’s the kind of enjoyment I got out of Freud’s Last Session. You don’t need to be flaming intellectual to enjoy the show, but be prepared to circulate your brain juices more than usual if you want to keep up with Three Wise Men theatre company’s heady performance.

A philosopher and an author walked into a study… and they professionally duked it out in front of a sold out and tremendously satisfied Fringe crowd.

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