PAX Prime 2014: Destructamundo’s calculated planetary obliteration

DestructamundoGranted three warheads of distinct, radial destructive capability, your goal in Minivision’s Destructamundo is to raze clusters of planets to their core using explosive chain reactions.

Three warheads seemed like overkill for the first level after a monotone alien cyclops with a transparent skull told me to blow up a lonely red building on an equally deserted planet. When several buildings on multiple planets of varying sizes and defensive capabilities were thrown into the mix in ensuing levels though, the challenge of Destructamundo’s three-warhead puzzle mechanic became much clearer.

Some planets had shields that needed to be disrupted with one explosion before any of the buildings could be harmed by subsequent blasts. Others had geothermal generators tethered to their cores, and a single nick to the generator building would cause the entire planet to combust.

Once a solar system was exterminated, I could try and start another chain reaction with all the supplies that had been catapulted into space by my antics. I suppose that’s the real goal behind Destructamundo’s surface plot — collect resources from other civilizations so that yours can survive — but I just had fun watching the carnage.

In my demo, I had access to one of many power-ups that’ll be available as you progress through the game. It came in the form of an additional nuke that I could position anywhere on the screen before using one of my three warheads. Its blast radius was a bit larger than a normal building or one of my warheads, so I could use it to bridge the gap between two planets that were a pesky distance apart. In another case, the orbit of two adjacent planets forced their infrastructure to rotate in such a way that the explosion of one would never chain to the other unless I extended its duration with the power-up.

This simple gameplay of tapping once with considered timing to make the most efficient explosion makes a lot of sense for pick-up mobile fun and even in the first few levels I could see how much room there is for depth despite the simple interaction system. Overlapping planets, differences in their rotation speed, and gap closing explosives could all be layered together to create challenging experiences.

Destructamundo’s 72 included levels are slated for an iOS, Ouya and Android debut later this fall, with a Steam port still up in the air, but it’s easy to imagine the game functioning as a point-and-click puzzler on PC as well.


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