PAX Prime 2014: Destructamundo’s calculated planetary obliteration

DestructamundoGranted three warheads of distinct, radial destructive capability, your goal in Minivision’s Destructamundo is to raze clusters of planets to their core using explosive chain reactions.

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PAX Prime 2014: Crushing arcade aliens in Woah Dave!

WoahDaveOn the floor of the Indie Mega Booth at PAX Prime this year, MiniVisions had two physical arcade cabinets rigged to run Woah Dave!. They didn’t ask me to plug in quarters to extend my play session, but damn, they certainly asked for some arcade know-how.

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PAX 2013: Titanfall preview

TF_AngelCity_PilotTitanfall did not live up to my expectations. It’s looks great, and it’s fluid movement mechanics certainly offer something non-standard to the first person shooter space, but I didn’t find it different enough to make me take-note of if over other next-generation shooters.

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PAX 2013: Contrast preview

Contrast_GapJump_1080Game characters traversing their environments by running on walls appears to be a video game trope that’s making a comeback. Compulsion Games’ Contrast is a third-person adventure game that pulls off the trick with shadows in a slightly abstract way, and it works.

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PAX 2013: Samurai Gunn preview

SGScreen4Samurai Gunn is one of the simplest games I’ve played at PAX; it’s also one of the most fun.

The demo that I played featured four-player, first to ten kills death-matches followed by a sudden-death showdown. It’s a brawler that requires extremely fast reflexes, and I must say that my poor PAX pupils were struggling to keep up after a long day on the show floor. I had my ass handed to me in four straight-matches, but it was fun as hell.

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PAX 2013: Strife preview

pax_2From the developers of Heroes of Newerth comes a new MOBA in Strife that aims to break down some of the toxic walls that many uninitiated players often associate with the competitive genre.

It looks like S2 Games definitely nailed the accessibility aspects of its game, and I’m sure it will turn out alright thanks to the years of experience it has under its belt, but I’m not sure that their game is going to be different enough for it to matter in this swamped sector of gaming.

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PAX 2013: Super Time Force preview

STF_dinoSuper Time Force borrows the only element that I ever enjoyed about Mega Man, and adds its own original concept to make a game that’s going to be a blast to play when it releases on XBLA this year.

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PAX 2013: Even The Ocean preview


From the developers that brought you Anodyne (Jonathan Kittaka and Sean Hogan), comes a new platformer that I think may have some legs. I played, Even The Ocean in a pretty bare bones state yesterday at the Indie Mega Booth, but the concepts that Hogan briefed me on were enough to get me excited about its eventual release.

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PAX 2013: Blacklight Retribution preview

1341616285429Blacklight Retribution is a game that doesn’t do much in the way of innovation for first person shooters, but it’s a game that’s going to help set an interesting precedent this Fall. Blacklight Retribution is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter that feels like it could compete with bigger budget titles – at least in terms of gameplay.

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PAX 2013: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies preview

1beecf0c49b990d72a0f16a247140e1dWhen the 3DS was first announced, I made one of my strong statements that I always make about the launch of consoles I’m not too hot on.

I said that I’d buy a 3DS as soon as they released a new Ace Attorney game, and after playing a 30 minute demo of Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, I’m ready to make good on my promise this fall, even if some oddities in the writing and gameplay were present.

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