‘Skin Glowing in the Moonlight’ Art Exhibition Preview for Vue Weekly


I got to reach outside my bubble and talk to two black artist, Danièle Dennis and Shantel Miller, for a preview of Skin Glowing in the Moonlight in Vue Weekly.

Skin Glowing in the Moonlight will feature the work of two Toronto-based black Canadian artists at Edmonton’s Latitude 53 gallery for 44 days, starting next week.

Danièle Dennis uses videography to challenge the status quo of black identity, while her friend and former art school junior, Shantel Miller, takes a similar approach by focussing on black men in oil paintings.

“We’re really, really excited to be featuring our work in Edmonton,” Dennis says. “We really look forward to people coming out to the show, talking to us, engaging with us, and asking questions.” Read more

For as far as we’ve come as a progressive society, speaking with these two women reminded me that we still have a long way to go. Skin Glowing in the Moonlight opens on April 13 and runs through May 27 at Latitude 53.


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