Summer 2014 anime preview: Glasslip

GlasslipIn yet another town by a sea, somewhere in rural Japan, P.A. Works presents a group of adolescent kids getting to ready to graduate — and it’s a safe bet that those students will engage in a love polygon of sorts as they find their way through the final months of their youth.

Kakeru Okikura, a sullen transfer student with some kind of telepathic attraction to Touko Fukami, our lead protagonist and the daughter of a glass blower, seems to set her four best friends on edge. Between whatever tainted past they all share and the obsessive desires that only high school kids can have, there could be enough to sink your teeth into while you’re enjoying P.A. works’ pretty soundtrack, familiarly good character designs and animation quality.

Also, apparently a group of pet chickens from the local school needs someone to care for them and who else other than the main characters of the show would be up for to the task? They could play a symbolic role since there is one chicken for each character, excluding the transfer student, and the birds got almost as much screen time as their begrudging caretakers in this debut episode. The feathered friends even make a prominent appearance in the opening and ending themes, so I can’t imagine they’ll be flying away anytime soon.

So do you like chickens? do you like reliving high school relationship drama with just enough of a twist to maybe keep it fresh? Then Glasslip looks like it should satisfy you’re craving for another Slice of (P.A. Works) Life pie.

Rating: 3/5

Glasslip is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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