Laini Giles’ ‘The It Girl and Me’ Book Launch Preview for Vue Weekly


I got the chance to chat with biographical fiction author Laini Giles about her latest novel, The It Girl and Me. Over on Vue Weekly, you can read my preview of her book launch event happening this weekend.

The It Girl and Me is the second novel in a series about starlets in the silent film era from Edmonton-based author Laini Giles.

It tells the story of Clara Bow through the eyes of her Hollywood secretary, Daisy DeVoe. Giles landed on Bow as a subject from the title of her previous work, The Forgotten Flapper.

“You say ‘flapper,’ people think about Clara Bow automatically,” Giles says. Read more

I haven’t had a chance to finish the book yet, which launched last Saturday, but the first few chapters definitely drew me into the story. Giles will be signing and reading from her book at Audrey’s Books this Sunday at 2pm.


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