Edmonton International Fringe Festival 2018: My reviews are in

38795771_406846373171771_9079193691284832256_o.jpgThe Real Inspector Hound/Ryan Parker for Bright Young Things

I reviewed nine shows at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival for Vue Weekly’s EdmontonFringe.ca this weekend. Here they all are in one place, ordered from fav to least.

The Real Inspector Hound — 5 Stars [Tickets] [Review]

05-13-2018-212835-7614The latest from Bright Young Things is a hilarious story that packs enough twists to form a stick of Twizzlers liquorice.
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Woody — 5 Stars [Tickets] [Review]

05-16-2018-005002-1893The early jokes in Birnton Theatricals’s “Woody” belie surprisingly painful beats filled with more philosophical grit than you can shake a wooden appendage at.
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A Sad-Ass Cabaret — 4.5 Stars [Tickets] [Review]

05-26-2018-222335-1322In “A Sad-Ass Cabaret” TJ Dawe recites poetic monologues about musicians’ misfortune while Lindsay Robertson sings with a restrained power that pulls the melancholy out of each lyric.
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Hubris — 4.5 Stars [Tickets] [Review]

05-23-2018-205559-1087The Debutantes return to fringe with a consistent show that boasts surprising unity across its several gags. Hubris deserves to be in the conversation as a top tier sketch comedy at this year’s festival.
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The Great Whorehouse Fire of 1921 — 4 Stars [Tickets] [Review]

06-01-2018-185251-9335“The Great Whorehouse Fire of 1921” effectively conveys a complex period tale of trust and betrayal within an interpersonal relationship.
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Don’t Frown at the Gown — 4 Stars [Tickets] [Review]

05-28-2018-133243-6656“Don’t Frown at the Gown” examines traditional femininity with both the heavy and light touch that’s come to be expected from Guys in Disguise
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Wellspring — 4 Stars [Tickets] [Review]

05-24-2018-231008-9263Frente Theatre Collective’s “Wellspring” is a well-directed and emotionally comprehensive work that interacts with both the business impetus and the tragic symptoms of fracking.
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Madagascar – A Musical Adventure Jr. —  3.5 Stars [Tickets] [Review]

05-27-2018-010015-2831The cast of “Madagascar—A Musical Adventure Jr.” knows their book down pat, and every single member of the ensemble brings enough energy to draw out the show’s best.
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Psyche: A Vision of Beauty — 2 Stars [Tickets] [Review]

05-25-2018-034936-9742Two and three-person dance lifts stand as the most compelling attractions in “Psyche: a Vision of Beauty.” Just don’t expect a musical that will move you (or feature singing).
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