Peter Fechter: 59 Minutes: Vue Weekly Theatre Review


Here’s a part of my review for Cardiac Theatre’s Peter Fechter: 59 Minutes which appeared on Vue Weekly yesterday:

No one knows what it’s like to die, at least no one alive to recount the experience. Still, the seconds, minutes, and hours before death can be observed and communicated with as much precision as a dying person’s five senses and remaining faculties will allow. Peter Fechter: 59 Minutes is an incredibly lucid journey that leads us through the mind of a boy who suffered one of the most politically public deaths of the 20th century. Read more

Cardiac Theatre’s production of Peter Fechter: 59 Minutes is directed Harley Morison and written by Jordan Tannahill. You can catch Bradley Doré in the lead role while the play runs at the PCL Studio Theatre of ATB Financial Arts Barns. It plays tonight at 8pm and Sunday at 2pm.