Surprising Summer anime to look out for

At the beginning of each anime season, I’ve taken to pulling up “The Chart:” a master list of every animated piece of entertainment of Japanese origin that you can view in the next three months. From the movies set for release in theatres, the OVA episodes slated for home releases, and of course the list of currently airing weekly television series.

The chart combines information from official press releases and promotional materials currently available to the public, and they provide a handy visual cue that helps me compartmentalized the shows I want to see.

I peruse this list, reading the synopses of each show, and I give each one a mark that I adjust as I view the first few episodes: green, orange, red, or blank. “Green” shows tend to be sequels or adaptations that I’ve been looking forward too, or sometimes shows from animation studios or writers whose work I’ve grown to respect over the years.

On the other hand, the selection of “red” shows have usually been marked either because I can see a clichéd rehash coming a mile away, or I actively detest the genre of shows that I know a particular studio is going to pump out.

Orange shows have peeked my interest with their plot description and original concepts but I always approach them with a few reservations.

Then there are the blank shows. Usually possessing descriptions that leave me unsure when it comes to clear expectations, they’re the wildcard of my first week of seasonal viewing. Sometimes I tune-in to a turd, sometimes I stumble upon one of the most enjoyable stories I’ll take-in all year.

Give or take a few days, we’re about four episodes into the Summer Season, and I’ve got two of these “blank” surprise shows that I’d like to highlight. I’ve also got one “red” show that has inexplicably delighted me to the point where I look forward to it every week.


Look for my previews throughout this weekend. This links below will be updated as the post go live. Or you can go watch the first few episodes of each show for free, right now on

Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3

Eccentric Family

Godless Sunday


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