PAX 2013: Transistor preview

Transistor_28-aug-2013_01To make a great adventure game in my eyes, you need two things: fantastic writing and and a beautiful setting.

I’ve played through and enjoyed games that lacked in other areas but had those two traits, and yesterday I played through a 15-minute demo of Supergiant Games’ Transistor. The game passed my preliminary requirements with flying colours – colours and shapes that constantly warped and animated around the games’ world.

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Clarity for Let’s Players is a great thing, bravo Supergiant Games

Supergiant Games just announced one of the clearest policies I’ve read on a developer’s stance for Let’s Players in a long time.

The reasoning behind its statement is not only proactive on their part, it’s also dead simple: “We often get emails from video content creators asking our permission to create and monetize videos about Bastion,” wrote the developer. “We wanted to come up with a clear stance on this to save everyone the trouble of ever having to ask us about it again.”


“You’re welcome to create Let’s Play-style videos of our games and monetize them if you want” – SG Games

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