I have been called to action as a journalist

Two heavy hauler trucks unloading. Image courtesy of Suncor Energy.Image credit: Suncor Energy.

Yesterday, I was granted the opportunity to tour a portion of Suncor Energy’s oil sands operations around Fort McMurray, Alberta. Today, I’m extremely depressed, and a small part of me wishes that I had never had the tour and that I was still shrouded in relative ignorance.
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On professional development, career aspirations, and my Twitter bio

Old twitter bio I changed my Twitter bio this morning. And it’s not something I did on a whim. I only changed one word, but it’s a big deal to me. It represents a shift in my mentality and a refined statement of my position in the day-to-day professional world.

For as long as I’ve been on the social network, my bio has been the ultimate distillation of who I am as a person. The information found on that single line contains the most dominating information about what drives my life. The part behind that dividing bar has changed slightly from year to year as I moved between editorial and contributor positions at my various workplaces, but the part in front of it — the part that comes first — has remained unchanged until today: “Aspiring Games Journalist.”

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PAX 2013: Samurai Gunn preview

SGScreen4Samurai Gunn is one of the simplest games I’ve played at PAX, it’s also one of the most fun.

The demo that I played featured four-player, first to ten kills death-matches followed by a sudden-death showdown. It’s a brawler that requires extremely fast reflexes, and I must say that my poor PAX pupils were struggling to keep up after a long day on the show floor. I had my ass handed to me in four straight-matches, but it was fun as hell.

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PAX 2013: Strife preview

pax_2From the developers of Heroes of Newerth comes a new MOBA in Strife that aims to break down some of the toxic walls that many uninitiated players often associate with the competitive genre.

It looks like S2 Games definitely nailed the accessibility aspects of its game, and I’m sure it will turn out alright thanks to the years of experience it has under its belt, but I’m not sure that their game is going to be different enough for it to matter in this swamped sector of gaming.

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