Summer 2014 anime previews

Summer 2014 Anime PreviewsI position myself as a writer who focuses primarily on video games, but as I’ve heard so many freelancers tell me: “diversifying your portfolio is a must if you want to succeed.” Therefore, anime previews incoming.

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I have been called to action as a journalist

Two heavy hauler trucks unloading. Image courtesy of Suncor Energy.Image credit: Suncor Energy.

Yesterday, I was granted the opportunity to tour a portion of Suncor Energy’s oil sands operations around Fort McMurray, Alberta. Today, I’m extremely depressed, and a small part of me wishes that I had never had the tour and that I was still shrouded in relative ignorance.
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On professional development, career aspirations, and my Twitter bio

Old twitter bio I changed my Twitter bio this morning. And it’s not something I did on a whim. I only changed one word, but it’s a big deal to me. It represents a shift in my mentality and a refined statement of my position in the day-to-day professional world.

For as long as I’ve been on the social network, my bio has been the ultimate distillation of who I am as a person. The information found on that single line contains the most dominating information about what drives my life. The part behind that dividing bar has changed slightly from year to year as I moved between editorial and contributor positions at my various workplaces, but the part in front of it — the part that comes first — has remained unchanged until today: “Aspiring Games Journalist.”

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2013 Fringe Festival review schedule

Here’s a schedule of every show that I’ll be seeing at the Fringe this year. I intend to review each one within a day of viewing. I will be adding more shows as the festival progresses, so check back frequently and shoot me an email if you want me to review a specific show. I’ll link to each review from this page.

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Yo, what’s going on in August Kevin?

A lot!

This August is going to be a busy one for me. Here’s a schedule to give you an idea of what I’ll be getting up to. You can bookmark this page, and I’ll update and link to each item as the content goes live.

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Surprising Summer anime to look out for

At the beginning of each anime season, I’ve taken to pulling up “The Chart:” a master list of every animated piece of entertainment of Japanese origin that you can view in the next three months. From the movies set for release in theatres, the OVA episodes slated for home releases, and of course the list of currently airing weekly television series.

The chart combines information from official press releases and promotional materials currently available to the public, and they provide a handy visual cue that helps me compartmentalized the shows I want to see.

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Wow, I just had my first persistent, co-op online-matchmaking experience since ’09

Online matchmaking never crossed my mind when it came to Borderlands.

That might sound strange given that the game is undisputedly at its best when played with a group of people, but I had a set circle of friends who played the 2009 surprise-hit to death. By my last count, together we finished it nearly a dozen times. But this week, I gravitated towards the in-game matchmaking queue of the 2012 sequel for the first time, and I struck gold.

After 10 months of my friend’s excuses, religious sign-ons in which I’d stockpile Gearbox Golden Keys out of frustration, and my immediate downloads of the latest DLC the moment each tidbit launched, I finally grew tired of waiting for my “set circle” to play Borderlands 2.


Lucky for me, I found a perfect match with a group of likeminded strangers on Xbox Live, and 26 hours later, I can’t imagine playing the game with anyone else.

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