2013 Fringe Festival review schedule

Here’s a schedule of every show that I’ll be seeing at the Fringe this year. I intend to review each one within a day of viewing. I will be adding more shows as the festival progresses, so check back frequently and shoot me an email if you want me to review a specific show. I’ll link to each review from this page.

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Yo, what’s going on in August Kevin?

A lot!

This August is going to be a busy one for me. Here’s a schedule to give you an idea of what I’ll be getting up to. You can bookmark this page, and I’ll update and link to each item as the content goes live.

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Surprising Summer anime to look out for

At the beginning of each anime season, I’ve taken to pulling up “The Chart:” a master list of every animated piece of entertainment of Japanese origin that you can view in the next three months. From the movies set for release in theatres, the OVA episodes slated for home releases, and of course the list of currently airing weekly television series.

The chart combines information from official press releases and promotional materials currently available to the public, and they provide a handy visual cue that helps me compartmentalized the shows I want to see.

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Wow, I just had my first persistent, co-op online-matchmaking experience since ’09

Online matchmaking never crossed my mind when it came to Borderlands.

That might sound strange given that the game is undisputedly at its best when played with a group of people, but I had a set circle of friends who played the 2009 surprise-hit to death. By my last count, together we finished it nearly a dozen times. But this week, I gravitated towards the in-game matchmaking queue of the 2012 sequel for the first time, and I struck gold.

After 10 months of my friend’s excuses, religious sign-ons in which I’d stockpile Gearbox Golden Keys out of frustration, and my immediate downloads of the latest DLC the moment each tidbit launched, I finally grew tired of waiting for my “set circle” to play Borderlands 2.


Lucky for me, I found a perfect match with a group of likeminded strangers on Xbox Live, and 26 hours later, I can’t imagine playing the game with anyone else.

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Clarity for Let’s Players is a great thing, bravo Supergiant Games

Supergiant Games just announced one of the clearest policies I’ve read on a developer’s stance for Let’s Players in a long time.

The reasoning behind its statement is not only proactive on their part, it’s also dead simple: “We often get emails from video content creators asking our permission to create and monetize videos about Bastion,” wrote the developer. “We wanted to come up with a clear stance on this to save everyone the trouble of ever having to ask us about it again.”


“You’re welcome to create Let’s Play-style videos of our games and monetize them if you want” – SG Games

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My bad Riot, you can tell a story if you try

As if they were just waiting for me to publish that last post, so they could slap me across their face with a rebuttal, Riot Games just updated their game client to prominently display an interactive comic, heralding the release of the new Ultimate Skin, Spirit Guard Udyr.

The fully voiced comic’s animation is pretty stunning, and its accompanying soundscape provides a degree of immersion to Udyr’s story that’s unprecedented outside of the couple of one-off CGI trailers that Riot has released over the last few years. The invitation presented underneath the title image is wholly accurate; this is not a short comic you’re going to read – it is a comic to be experienced.

Spirit Guard Udyr comi

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League of Legends to get its first black champion? No biggie

Riot Games recently announced Lucian, a new champion for League of Legends, and his concept art confirms rumours that have been hanging around the game’s community for months: Runeterra’s first black champion is finally making an appearance.

Lucian looks like he’s going to be an evil-pursuing, relentless, vengeance-driven maniac, who happens to be black, and I could not care less about the reason for his pursuit, or his ethnicity in a game like League of Legends.

Lucian the Purifier

Oh Lucian is black? Cool. Now, look at the size of those guns!

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I’ve always hated long vacations: Rest in peace Ryan Davis

Doing part time work has never been a major concern for me, so I’ve often struggled with the luxury of zero responsibilities.

When I’m forced to work myself to the bone from 7am to midnight every day, I flourish. But give me the opportunity to regularly sleep past 9am, and I slowly tangle myself into a self-loathing mess of poor productivity.

I’m like a slinky climbing down the stairs: When there are evenly spaced steps in front of me, I can tackle them with ease. Hell – even if a couple of those steps are a little weathered or poorly constructed, I usually find a way to adjust. I expand and contract as necessary to keep progressing.

The Slinky: a not so fun metaphor

However, when there are no steps present at all, things never go smoothly. Ever tried dropping a slinky from a window a couple of stories high? The coils twist in and out of their original shape, tangling along the way until it finally hits the ground in a convoluted heap that’s barely salvageable.

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Looking forward to the social features of the next generation consoles

Some more news about the Xbox 360’s successor was reported by Polygon today, and word of its social and sharing features has me giddy for both next generation consoles likely coming this fall.

I am an extremely social gamer. Although I did once sink around 13 hours into Assassin’s Creed Project Legacy, a Facebook companion game for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, I’m not talking about the genre of software we’ve come to brand as “social games.”

I’m talking about any type of video game. When I’m done playing a single player experience, I itch to talk about it with my friends to get their take. If a game I’m interested in has got a significant multiplayer component, you can bet that I’m going to try to round-up the gang before I dive in.

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Word of smaller Nintendo E3 press conferences has me worried

When it comes to the home console offerings that Nintendo has provided over the last eight years, I’ve been extremely disappointed. So to see them announce that they’ll be holding smaller E3 press conferences this year is a little worrisome.

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